VRS316 – How to be a 'Fab' short-term rental host with Robert Geller

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Did you know that the LGBTQ+ market spends in excess of $200 billion dollars a year on travel? On top of that, 77% of the community have valid passports (compared to 40% of the US population as a whole) and are likely to take at least two trips a year. This is a huge market and Robert Geller, founder of Fabstayz sees it as a great opportunity for hosts and he also wants to educate them on how to be truly welcoming and inclusive.

Global consultancy firm, ‘Out Now' addresses this,

“More than ever before, gay and lesbian consumers expect brands’ products to deliver on the promises made in gay market advertising.

Travel is not consumed at the point of seeing gay advertising or purchasing a holiday.

Travel is only experienced by LGBT people at the point of consumption.

It’s not about treating your lesbian and gay customers different to other customers. It is about letting gay customers experience what most travelers take for granted. The ability to relax and be themselves on vacation."

Robert explains how his experiences as a gay traveler and host underpin the philosophy of FabStayz. Time and again he hears of members of the LGBTQ+ community voicing concern over whether they will be accepted or not, despite the Airbnb assurances of inclusivity and welcoming.

A listing on FabStayz takes that level of worry away as the Ally (host) pledges to respect all guests by offering a safe, welcoming space. In return, the site will promote the listings widely, and given the plethora of media coverage, it looks like this niche is being well promoted.

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • The story behind FabStayz and why Robert felt it was necessary to build this platform
  • The statistics on the LGBTQ+ market that make it essential
  • What owners can do to make their places more welcoming and inclusive
  • How FabStayz is getting media hits and how is this will help hosts who are listing
  • What’s on offer for anyone wants to list with Fabstayz right now.



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