VRS311 – Tyann’s Take – Getting into the Large-Group Short-Term Rental Market

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In this third episode in the niche building series, vacation rental powerhouse, trainer, consultant, Touch Stay Ambassador and one of my favorite people, Tyann Marcink joins me to talk about the mega-house she is building in Branson.

According to Newsweek, “Branson (Missouri) is often compared to Las Vegas, just with a lot less sin. Instead of gambling and debauchery, there's family-friendly entertainment like amusement parks, theaters, and country-western themed activities.”

It’s one of the reasons the town is notable as one of the most popular locations for group travel regularly bringing groups of up to 100+ family members together where they are accommodated in massive homes specifically built for this niche market.

A Missouri native, and with close family already in the business of providing hundreds of bed spaces in nearby mansions, it was a no-brainer for Tyann to begin construction on her newest project.

This isn’t the first new-build she has undertaken in Branson but it’s the biggest so far. After Canyon Retreat and Nature’s Retreat, Skye Retreat will have 10-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms and even a fireman’s chute allowing guests to have a fun descent from the upper-level deck to the lower-level patio.

Tyann knows her market in Branson, which is very different from the demographics of guests she welcomes to her Missouri Haus Collection in Union and Marthasville. It’s her secret sauce – and drives the marketing she does to capture the large groups looking for accommodation for their reunions and get-togethers.

Tyann shares:

  • The philosophy that underpins her business decisions
  • Why economizing isn’t an option
  • How she makes space for 32 guests to vacation together
  • How to maximize occupancy by targeting family, business, church and other groups
  • Ways to work with local organizations so they promote her business
  • The fireman’s slide vs pinball machine decision
  • Why she allows short breaks in high season periods

And so much more in this info-packed episode

Branson Family Retreats

Missouri Haus

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