VRS295 – Take the Pledge & Short Term Rent Responsibly with Dave Krauss of Noise Aware

“The Rent Responsibly initiative began in late 2016 when the NoiseAware Team rented a Winnebago to drive from Seattle to Los Angeles, stopping at City Halls and meeting with short-term vacation rental advocates along the way. The mission then is the same as the mission today: to advocate, educate and celebrate the positive impacts of the short-term rental industry.

Dubbed the Rent Responsibly Tour, the inaugural road trip kicked off conversations and connections that culminated in the creation of the Rent Responsibly movement that continues to grow today.” From

Dave Krauss, co-founder of Noise Aware and the powerhouse behind the Rent Responsibly movement joins me in this episode to talk about advocacy, education and how we should celebrate the short-term rental industry.

In the episode Dave talks about:

  • How Rent Responsibly became the largest advocacy group in the world
  • The Model T Ford analogy
  • What owners should do when faced with the potential of restrictions.
  • The importance of educating the traveler
  • Why we should all sign The Pledge

Rent Responsibly

Nashville Short Term Rental Association

Noise Aware