VRS293 – Personalized Vacation Rental Technology with Michael Driedger

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that technology will keep advancing, giving us more ways to improve the experience we can offer to guests.

From advanced keyless entry systems that will activate at check-in to automated messaging welcoming guests, the opportunities are now endless.

In this episode, Michael Driedger from Operto explains how technology has revolutionized the short-term rental business and what we can expect from the future.

Imagine your guests unlocking the door and walking into your property in an evening. It’s dark outside so the motion-sensing light came on as they approach the door.

They use the code that’s been sent to them to enter the property and as they do, the lights come on in the hallway. The temperature is just right, there is music softly playing in the background and ambient lighting guides them into the main part of the house.

The window coverings were programmed to close once it gets dark so the place is ready and inviting. Then they see the personalized message on the TV or tablet on the kitchen table.

They feel welcome.

As owners or managers we’ve done the part of the job that has the biggest impact – created a wonderful first impression.

Michael calls it the operating system for your vacation rental – ‘bringing technology into a building in a human way.’

His background in architecture, building design and construction has given him a unique view of the needs of people using a property allowing him to see them in a different way. He focuses on energy efficiency and intelligent system design to improve the overall quality of the experience.

So, we’ve moved from talking about home automation to re-imagining it as ‘personalized technology’, offering owners an increase in operational efficiency while giving their guests a great experience from booking to post-stay follow-up.

Michael shares his thoughts on the four major areas where this technology really works – access, energy and comfort, security and experience and gives some great suggestions on how to implement them.

In this episode we hear about:

  • The best locks to use (and what to avoid)
  • Z-Wave technology and how it works
  • Monitoring noise and occupancy
  • Saving energy costs
  • Getting notified when a guest checks in or departs


Yale Lock

NetAtmo Air Quality Monitor

Noise Aware

Smart Things Hub