VRS291 - Preparing for a Long Hot Summer Of Vacation Rentals

We are two days away from the real start of our high season and as ever, kicking off with a bang – the Canada Day weekend. For many of our properties the rentals starting this weekend are the first of the season, and from here on they will be back-to-back. To get ready for the next 9 Saturdays of 150+ families checking in, we need to make sure we have all our ducks in a row, systems are prepped and someone will be on-hand to deal with any issues that might arise.

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In this episode, I’m joined by our own Customer Service Manager – Christina Stronge-Murray to talk about what can go wrong and how problems can easily be avoided by taking a few proactive steps.

We discuss

  • The most common guest complaints and how they can be avoided
  • The one factor that boosts dissatisfaction before a guest even steps through the door
  • How to set and manage expectations
  • Why a well-written guest agreement can save the day (and a refund)
  • How to turn a bad situation into (at least) a better one
  • Christina’s top 3 tips for creating guest satisfaction and 5* reviews