VRS284 - Making Your First Vacation Rental Staff Hire with Sue Jones of HR4VR

This can be an overwhelming business and deciding to hire your first employee is daunting, even if the goal is to free up your time. Where do you find the right person, how do you choose what they should do, what will the first weeks be like, and how do you make sure they like what they are doing and stay on?

All these questions and quite a few more are answered by Sue Jones, founder of HR4VR – which is just what it says in the title – Human Resources for Vacation Rentals.

Sue has been an HR specialist for many years and it was in a role with Navis that she realized the niche she had been looking for was in vacation rentals. Setting up her own company to help managers, whether they are looking for a first hire, or the 100th was a logical step.

Finding people to work within your company is tough. Unemployment is at its lowest and particularly in destination areas where housing is at a premium, it’s hard to source employees who are willing to work the flexible hours our industry demands.

Then, when it’s time to hire that first employee there’s a lot of planning that needs to happen. At a time when you’ve reached that point of overwhelm and need to bring someone on board, the thought of having to train someone from the beginning, oversee and monitor their work, and nurture them is painful to contemplate.

Sue takes a very practical and creative approach to this dilemma and outlines the ways in which you can find the right person, and keep them.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to determine when you need to hire your first employee
  • Ways to source potential employees from diverse recruitment pools
  • Why having a military base close by can be a benefit when making your first hire
  • What to delegate to your new employee
  • How to plan the first 12 weeks
  • The key policies to have in place even if you are a one-person company
  • Why formal reviews can go out of the window
  • Tips to retain staff – particularly millennials
  • How working with remote staff can be money saving and rewarding

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