VRS279 - The 2019 Hospitality Survey With Alanna Schroeder

Expectations of hospitality have never been higher in our business.

The bar has been set high for new entrants and it’s far more than providing two rolls of toilet paper and a reasonably clean home. Hosts and owners are meeting the challenge as the 2019 Hospitality Survey results show.

In this episode, the founder of The Distinguished Guest, Alanna Schroeder shares some of those results and explores the implications of rising expectations.

Would you be surprised to know that 25% of the survey respondents provided toothpaste to their guests, or that 57% provide a welcome basket of goodies?

We discuss these findings plus a few of the questions asked by Formula Club members.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why welcome gifts work with some guests and not others
  • How to establish a hospitality baseline
  • About the small things that make a huge difference
  • Why you shouldn’t have your cleaning staff do maintenance jobs
  • The value of giving your cleaner a better title
  • The myth of passive management

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Hospitality Survey Results