VRS265 - 10 Projects for Growing My Vacation Rental Business in 2019

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A vacation rental business is a continuous process of managing projects – some new and extensive, others smaller and more routine but nevertheless, important. And, after 15 years of running a busy property management company, it’s still exciting to start a new round of planning. In this episode, I share ten of the programs we’ll be embarking on in 2019.

It’s easy to cherry-pick all the fun things to do and neglect the more mundane, so we start off by looking at our goals for the year and then categorizing the projects to show how we’ll meet them.

As a property management company with two types of client – our owners who entrust their vacation homes to our care, and our guests who vacation at properties we list – it’s important we give equal attention to both. That means doubling up on marketing and operational strategies and ensuring every activity has a strong purpose and measurable outcome.

We also have to maintain our grasp on technology advances to keep up with and stay ahead of, our competition. This means attending conferences where we can network with suppliers, learn about the latest resources and platforms, and avoid jumping onto the ‘shiny new’ bandwagon without understanding fully the benefits and drawbacks.

Doing a solo episode is fun and introspective as it allows me to address the issues that face my own company in (I hope) a thoughtful and insightful way. In doing so, if I can reach some of your pain points and help you off in a new direction, I’ll feel I’ve achieved something that is of value to you.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Increasing the span of content on our website
  • Strategies for attracting new owners
  • Growing our automations
  • Creating a knowledge base for owners
  • Becoming a leaner and more efficient company
  • The importance of networking

Who's featured in this episode?

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