VRS262 – The Virtual Concierge – How to Turn Amazon Echo into A Digital Voice Assistant

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If you’d like to turn your Amazon Echo or Google Home into a concierge service for your guests, Dana Young from Virtual Concierge Service is here to tell you how. From responding to a request for a wifi password to sharing information on the best local restaurants and even providing white noise on demand for your guests’ sleeping comfort, you can now set this up easily.

Smart home systems have progressed rapidly from generating automatic door codes and providing monitoring of comings and goings via an external security camera. Your guests can now arrive at a property where the heating is at the optimum temperature, the lights are switched on if they arrive at night, and their choice of music is playing. Voice activation can be used to trigger a list of suggestions for rainy day activities or spots to rent various equipment.

You can deliver important safety information, remind guests about checkout times and even send important messages. In fact, the scope of what you can do is only limited by your imagination. Just think about what your guests might want to know, and Alexa or Google Home can be programmed to provide it.

Virtual Concierge Service was the judges choice at the VRMA conference in Las Vegas and took away the award for Innovator of the Year.

This is an innovation we can all use with little experience or expertise, and Dana explains how we can enhance our guests' experience very simply.

In this episode Dana shares:

  • How smart home systems have evolved
  • The range of options that are available
  • The ways that a digital assistant enhances a guest’s experience?
  • The best device to buy and why
  • How to deliver tailored content via voice
  • Ways to use calendar integration, so the device is reset for each guest’s stay
  • How Virtual Concierge Service is integrated with Hostfully


Virtual Concierge Service


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