VRS256 – Getting On Your Vacation Rental Guests Wavelength with Tyann Marcink

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You know that feeling when it seems like another person just ‘gets you’? You feel respected, understood and comfortable that they know what your likes and dislikes are, and that you are being cared for. In today’s episode, VR Mastered founder Tyann Marcink helps us explore how to get on our guests’ wavelength, and deliver an experience they will remember.

Tyann discovered Gary Chapmans 5 Love Languages as she was looking for ways to create a better relationship with her three sons – two of whom are teenagers.

The premise is simple, and is one that is touched on in many theories of communication and learning – we each have a preference for the way in which we perceive and interact with our world. In Chapman’s book, he looks at the ways we express love, whether it be through giving/receiving gifts, acts of service, appreciative words, physical intimacy or offering quality time, and says we all have a primary love language that speaks to us more deeply than the others.

So, I asked Tyann what she feels is the relationship between love languages and the business of vacation rentals?

She has taken the 5 Love Languages and translated them to make them relevant to how we can create a guest experience.

Here’s an example. I go to a lot of vacation rental properties where the owners have left a gift of some sort. It could be a bottle of wine or some snacks, which I am sure are very nice, but I will often leave them untouched.

However, if the owner goes out of their way to ensure my stay is great by suggesting a great restaurant, or offers a mid-stay clean at no additional cost, I am blown away.

So, when I did the Love Languages Quiz, it was no surprise to me that my primary love expression is Acts of Service, followed by Quality Time, with Gifts coming in last.

In this episode, Tyann leads us through this concept of the guest experience according to love language and shares examples of how each one can be delivered at minimal cost while still being scalable.

Tyann shares:

  • Her recent experience on a trip to NOLA
  • How to identify your primary love language
  • Simple ways to create memorable experiences without spending money
  • How words of appreciation can change a guest perspective
  • How the love language of physical touch can translate to a guest experience

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