VRS248 – Content Marketing & Copywriting to Boost Your Vacation Rental Traffic

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This episode is for you if you want to seriously look at driving traffic to a website or listing, and are willing to work at it.

Content marketing has been around for a long time, but it’s never been more important in our market as it is now. With millions of short-term rentals vying for a more discerning rental audience, it’s becoming clear that just listing on a couple of OTAs and expecting the bookings to flow, won’t cut it anymore.

Successful owners and managers have understood this for a long time and have built solid websites and blogs around their knowledge and experience of the location. They know the questions that travelers want an answer to, and they supply those answers in the form of video, articles, Instagram stories, blog posts, and Facebook Live events. They no longer rely on the OTAs to do the heavy lifting for them…that boat sailed a long time ago.

I first interviewed Erin Raub in 2014 in Episode 11. She is an experienced travel copywriter and has developed a niche in our vacation rental world. That interview focused mostly on the optimum ways to write a title and body text for a listing and many listeners expressed their appreciation for the increased traffic and conversions this brought to them. Now though, all the best listings are using great copywriting and descriptive titles, so it’s become a tough road again.

This time Erin moves to the art of content marketing as the way to drive traffic back to specific listings – or to keep potential guests on the website to book direct.

Erin has written a free Guide to Content Marketing to go along with this podcast, and you can download that here.

In the episode we talk about:

  • The importance of your About page
  • Why the About page has a self-selecting element to it
  • How the more content you publish, the more ‘front doors’ you open
  • Where to find the questions your guests are asking
  • Why you need your unique spin on your local area
  • Being less generalized and more specific on recommendations
  • How to rank #1 on Google for low-volume search
  • How to create evergreen content
  • The best style to use in blog posts – hint…it’s just about being you
  • What is Yoast and how to use it for maximum impact


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