VRS237 - The Cleaning Issue with Durk Johnson Of Vacation Rental Housekeepers Professionals

Arguably, the single most important aspect of a guest’s vacation rental experience is the cleanliness of the property. If it’s not sparkling clean, smells fresh and welcoming, and looks like the photos on the listing, the poor first impression will likely be the one that lasts through the entire vacation.

So, how do we make sure this most important piece of the operation is carried out to a high standard, even when we, as owners and property managers, are not there to supervise it every step of the way.

The key, according to Durk Johnson – Executive Director of the Vacation Rental Housekeepers Association – is in the systematic operation of the cleaning component.   This means training cleaning staff to follow a set procedure through a very detailed Standard Property Appearance document and a 4-step cleaning process.

In this episode, Durk explains how the SPA works to maintain an arm’s length relationship with contract cleaners – thus avoiding IRS issues if they are deemed to be employees. He also shares some very specific tips around dealing with bacteria and pathogens and offers some ‘Who Knew?’ enlightenment on some myths in the general cleaning world.

This conversation gets to the basics we don’t often talk about, like pee, poop, and urine which may sound yuck but preparation is everything.

Durk shares:

  • Why he hires for attitude and aptitude and not for cleaning skills
  • The importance of an agreement between owner and cleaner
  • What should go in that contract
  • The reasons you cannot dictate which products or cleaning method a contract cleaner should use
  • How to systematically clean a house
  • Why you should stop buying ready-to-use products
  • His five tips for an effective clean
  • The products he recommends for breaking down protein and smells
  • The best product for dealing with urine on mattresses
  • The dangers of using Windex alongside bleach-based products


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