VRS229 – Mastering the Vacation Rental Guest Experience with Andy McNulty

The ‘guest experience’ is an expression being used a lot in vacation rental circles. It’s a catch-all for everything from providing a concierge service to delivering personalized emails via an automated platform. While most attempts to deliver this experience are laudable and often effective, unless there is consistency across the complete cycle from pre-booking to post-stay, these efforts may fail to produce maximum impact.

Today’s guest feels that it’s time to double down on the guest experience and create an end-to-end strategy that delivers satisfaction at each stage of the cycle.

Andy McNulty has a passion for this industry that’s been demonstrated over the years by his development of the Touch Stay platform and the successful copywriting business, Guest Hook. His insights into how guests perceive the experience of finding, renting, and enjoying their vacations will motivate you to look at the way you do things and consider how consistent that is.

In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How important it is to define your brand
  • Why branding is more than a logo and colors on a website
  • That OTAs are not the enemy and are the stepping stone to independence
  • How a simple signature can drive loyalty
  • How consistent messaging delivered the best post-vacation feedback
  • That pulling information can be as important as pushing it
  • That it’s about the entire journey and not just the week of the rental

And much more…

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