VRS223 - Vacation Rental Marketing Takeaways From Traffic And Conversion

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We have always advocated the importance of attending conferences and we will continue to do so…even if we sound like a broken record. The boost in motivation, productivity, and all-out enthusiasm when you surround yourself with people doing the same thing as you is infectious.

Mike (our CEO) and Jason (CMO) just attended the largest digital market event in North America, if not the world, in San Diego.

Traffic And Conversion Summit is put on by, one of the largest education platforms for everything to do with marketing online and the company with a business model that we are emulating with Vacation Rental Formula.

Mike has just been bursting with ideas and solutions to some of our marketing challenges and what better way to share them than here on the podcast.

In this episode, Mike shares 5 key takeaways that you can implement almost immediately into your rental business, whether you are an owner or a property manager.

Mike covers:

  • Why automation should not replace conversation
  • Key tips for getting online with Facebook Live
  • Ways to connect with your guests and create better engagement
  • How you could attract more guests with a T-Shirt, and the psychology of premiums.
  • The concept of ‘community' as the new brand
  • SMART thinking and how to stick with a plan of action….and the word is specificity (even if Mike has a problem with saying it!)

Links discussed in this episode:

Vacation Rental Formula – On Facebook
SI Football Phone Commercial
Workshops At VRSS18
T-Shirt Printing & Fulfilment
How to create a plan – 30-minute mini-class

Any we've missed? Mention in the comments below and we'll get them up asap.

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