VRS210 - How to Create a Great Lead Magnet with Jason Beaton

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In episode 206 I spoke to digital marketing expert Jason Beaton about the importance of growing your email list. We discussed the issue that impacts everyone – how difficult it is to get people to give up their email address. Without that essential piece of information, it’s tough to start a book-direct campaign.

Growing your independence from the OTAs requires a lot of work. You need to build a website; write a lot of content; create a solid social media marketing strategy, and develop some real attraction for potential guests to visit your site and develop trust in you and your brand.
The way to do this is to provide something of real value as an exchange for their personal details – their name and email address.

In this episode Jason explains what a lead magnet is and shares ideas on some different types of content you can create that will encourage subscribers. We also discuss the workflow, from how to actually create the product to deliver it seamlessly to your site visitor.

Jason shares some great tips on lead magnet creation including:

  • How to find out what your potential guests are looking for
  • What makes people give up their personal information
  • 7 Types of lead magnet that will prove irresistible to them
  • How to create a professional lead magnet
  • The difference between blog post content and lead magnet content
  • How to create a workflow from concept to delivery

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