VRS209 – 20 Ways to Guest Proof your Vacation Rental

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You can have the best guests in the world but accidental damage will still happen. Things get spilled, knocked over, misplaced and sometimes damaged beyond repair, simply because your guests haven’t the time to get comfortable in a new space.

When people congregate in unfamiliar surroundings they don’t have that awareness of space they have at home in the environment they are more accustomed to.

We’ve been analyzing the incidents that occurred in our managed properties this year, and looking at how many of them could have been prevented by better preparing the properties for guests. Whether it is simply providing them with flashlights or emergency lighting, or installing a home-automation system, there’s generally a solution for most things that happen.

In this episode, I explore twenty ways of making small changes and additions that will work to prevent accidents from happening. After all, whatever you can do to prevent issues from arising will be a benefit to you and your guests.

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