VRS206 - How to Grow an Email List For Vacation Rental Marketing with Jason Beaton

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For anyone familiar with digital marketing and all it entails, the phrase, “It’s all in the list”, will be a mantra they have heard before. That list of email addresses forms the basis for all marketing efforts and campaigns, and without a substantial one, it’s tough to get to the next level in the mix – conversion.

In general it’s a numbers game. A percentage of people will open your marketing messages; a percentage of those will click on a link to visit a sales page; and a percentage of those will buy. It doesn’t matter much what you are selling. These percentages are common to most industries and the numbers similar.

As we all know, getting people to give up their email address isn’t easy. Most of us are reluctant to share that information because we know it will be used for marketing purposes.   Unless we really want information in return for the personal data, we’re unlikely to give it up. However, it’s asked for everywhere we go. How many times have you finalised a purchase in a store to then be asked, ‘Can I just get your email address?”

Jason Beaton is a specialist in digital marketing for vacation rental, and he joins me in this episode to talk about ways to grow email lists so we can be successful in this numbers game. He talks about methods of capturing the data and how that is impacted by email marketing legislation; the different platforms used for holding emails addresses, and how we can use ‘ethical bribes’ to encourage people to give away their information.

This is the second episode in a series of interviews with Jason that covers every aspect of the digital marketing mix from collecting email addresses to creating lead magnets, to automating the process and using remarketing as a powerful tool in our efforts to achieve independence.

In this episode Jason covers:

  • Where you start if you haven’t already got a list in place
  • The purpose of an email marketing service
  • Why an opt-in form and lead magnet are important
  • The exchange value of an email address
  • Why you need to check your federal and local Spam laws
  • What an ethical bribe is and the different types of them
  • Why a strong social media presence is necessary
  • Remarketing via social platforms
  • The importance of knowing where your client hangs out on social media
  • What to look for in an email marketing service
  • What you can expect to pay.
  • How to use Facebook messaging for business

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