VRS198 – Selecting the Right Property Management System for your Vacation Rental Business with Terry Whyte

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If you asked a property manager what the hardest decision has been in their business so far, most would put choosing reservation software, right at the top. Not only is it a big financial decision, but the time taken in implementing a new platform and learning how to use the software can be a huge drain on resources.

We only have a limited amount of time available to us, and there are so many calls on that time. Carving out chunks of hours to watch demos; to speak to reps who only have one goal – to sell their product (regardless of your actual needs), and sit through on-boarding webinars, is challenging. Making the wrong decision is very costly.

Terry Whyte is a homeowner of property on Anna Maria Island in Florida, and he’s also a successful property manager who credits some of that success to the research he did before selecting his PMS. According to Terry, this is not a simple process because you have to know what you want the platform to do for you before you start. A lot of thought needs to go into the features you want, because every PMS is going to focus on its bells and whistles rather than the real meat of the system that will free up your time and make life easier for you.

This interview supplements a recent article Terry wrote for the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog (see link below), so it is worthwhile taking a look at this for some additional information. He talks about the wealth of advantages gained for a VR business by using a good property management system – these include time-saving, good process management, channel management, and email automation – and what a good software platform can offer in terms of features.

Terry also shares:

  • The story behind his stunning new website
  • What to look for in a property management system
  • His favourite technological resources
  • A simple reflection on channel management ( and why you may not need them at all)
  • The industry experts who contributed to his success
  • The 3 tips he would give to a start-up manager

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