VRS196 – Vacation Rental Insurance Explained with Darren Pettyjohn

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Insurance may not seem the most exciting of topics but it is one that impacts every single one of us, whether it’s a single condo or multiple properties. The moment we exchange our property (or a part of it) for money, we are in business, and that brings with it all manner of risks.

In my day-to-day work as a property manager, I talk to many owners who are interested in renting out their homes and am often surprised at how little they have thought about insuring the property. Many think that their general home-owners policy will cover them for rentals without understanding the wider implications of operating in the short-term rental market, and what liability issues they may face.

In this episode of the podcast Darren Pettyjohn of Proper Insurance joins me to talk about what this means to every host and vacation rental owner.

Darren has been in the insurance industry for many years and specialises in vacation rental cover so we discuss every aspect of risk; what negligence means; when and how you could be sued, and the costs involved if you are, plus much more.

Darren shares:

  • The differences between a landlord policy and short-term rental cover
  • What premise liability means and the relevance to your vacation rental business
  • Why a home-owners policy could leave you uncovered
  • Why you are unlikely to have business loss coverage in the event of a hurricane
  • What supplemental insurance is and how it fits into the vacation rental industry
  • How short-term rental regulations can affect the insurance cover you might choose.
  • Apps that can reduce your premiums
  • The three questions you should ask your current provider – today!

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