VRS181 – Where to find knowledge in the vacation rental business

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Where do you look for education and resources to help you manage your vacation rental business better? Maybe you have a go-to expert, or regularly visit a Facebook group or forum, or you’ve bought a book from Amazon that claims to be the A-Z of the industry.

Wherever you go, it’s clear that education in vacation rentals is as fragmented as the industry itself. If you went into real estate, you’d find a prescribed route to achieving a license, but there is no college course or standardized curriculum that can guide you along the exact path you need for success in all the elements that make up this business.

So, we muddle along and pick up bits and pieces of information from here and there, and generally, hope for the best. Unfortunately, the growth of vacation rentals has spawned a lot of ‘pop-up experts’ – mostly in the Airbnb space – who claim they’ve uncovered the holy grail that will lead to 6 figure incomes if you just get your listing posted. Buy their ebook, or training course, and you’ll be on the way to wealth before you know it.

For most of us who have done the hard graft, we know there is a lot more to creating a solid and consistent income-producing business than throwing up some photos, a grainy profile pic, and waiting for the rewards to come.

If you’ve listened to a few episodes of Vacation Rental Success you’ll know I only recommend resources I’ve tried and feel merit mention. This goes for all the resources I’m sharing in this episode as I talk about where you should go to find balanced expertise.

From podcasts to forums, blogs on social media, digital marketing, and general VR issues, print and online magazines, to face-to-face events, there’s a range of resources now available. Here are my recommendations, and you can listen to why I’ve made them in great detail. (Posts on digital marketing for vacation rentals) (Online Travelers magazine) (Who’s Who in Vacation Rentals; List of VR Events (Range of posts of interest to owners and managers) (Online and free paper magazine with excellent content) (Content aggregator) (Matt Landau’s blog) (Boot Camp event limited to 20 attendees in Nashville Tennessee – October) (Next event San Antonio, spring 2018) (Next Event, Florence, Italy, September 2017) (Evelyn Badia’s Facebook Group) (Say No To VRBO Facebook Group) (Vacation Rental Professionals Linkedin Group) (7 Podcasts that will turn you into a vacation rental pro

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