VRS116 - Digital Marketing for Vacation Rentals with Conrad O’Connell

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On my desk, there is a mighty tome called The Art of SEO. It is well used with highlighted sections, underlining and lots of notes in the margins. It’s an old friend because it taught me a lot about this weird world of search engine optimization and is always at hand when a term comes up that I don’t understand.   And…I’m about to replace it with the third edition.

So, having always had an interest in SEO and knowing this book is the 2010 version and most likely out-of-date in many sections, I jumped at the opportunity to talk to someone who lives, eats and breathes this stuff…..and can talk about it in layman’s terms.

I first met Conrad O’Connell, the founder of 91 Digital at the VRMA conference in New Orleans last October. He’s passionate about what he does, which is to create websites that really work for some of the very best vacation rental managers in the US, as well as ensuring they remain consistently competitive. And that is through digital marketing.

This has to be the most information-packed interview I have ever done – so much so, that Conrad has agreed to come back next month for a second round!

And thanks Conrad for the quote, ‘social media is the cigarette of the 21st century’. As a former smoker, I get it now!


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In this episode Conrad shares:

  • How a dream of becoming a golf pro brought him to South Carolina
  • What a digital marketing consultant does and how this work brings value to owners and managers
  • Why we need to use SEO
  • What on-page SEO means
  • Keyword research tips & how to optimize page title tags
  • What a meta description is and how to ‘hand-write’ them into your WP site
  • Ways to get to Page 1 on Google
  • The immense value of content marketing
  • The best examples of content marketing in vacation rentals
  • Why you should visit your competitors' websites and make yours better
  • How to get quality links – the manual way
  • His views on Google + and business listings
  • How to humanize your About Us page

…..and a whole lot more

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