VRS099 – The Digital Handshake With Will Franco

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It’s no secret that video will give you an edge in social media marketing. Stats from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus suggest that a short video can boost engagement and increase traffic to a website.

So why aren’t more people using it?

Most would argue that the cost of equipment, time involved in editing, and issues about just getting in front of that camera are the three major barriers for them. I get this because in some way each of those barriers has impacted me too.

But, what if every time you got an inquiry for your property, or a prospective new listing if you are a PM, you followed up not by email but with a personalized 30-second video?

Then you sent another video to introduce your team after the booking or listing is confirmed, and finally a thank you message with a call to action.

Three short videos that take only a few minutes to produce but have a pronounced impact on your guests or clients.

My guest in this episode effectively dispels those concerns and describes how these mini-productions could give you a serious edge over your competition.

Will Franco is the founder of Jive Systems – a solution that can help you dominate your competition with short personalized video email messages and he shares some very simple steps you can take to revolutionize the way you do business with your clients.

In this episode Will talks about:

  • How a video message gives a mental framework making you memorable and trustworthy.
  • Using video for gaining more conversions, increasing authority, improving trust and rapport
  • How a Gulf Coast realtor and property manager boosted her business by 30% with a 30-second video
  • When to use personalized or evergreen video content
  • The only three video emails you need to send and how to create them effortlessly
  • The 3 hesitations most people encounter when thinking about doing video
  • Why there is no need to waste money on expensive cameras when a webcam will do the job just as well
  • The reason why editing is unnecessary
  • How you can go from start to publish in minutes

Will has an exclusive limited-time offer for Vacation Rental Success listeners and he is looking for a select few owners that he can invest his personal time with to learn more about them and help them get results.

There are only a few spots available so if you are interested, email me personally at and I’ll forward your interest onto Will – he will then contact you directly.

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