VRS098 - Choosing the Right Vacation Rental Reservation System with Seb Grosjean

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One of my favourite parts of interviewing vacation rental professionals is that they are from around the world. And today’s guest called in from Greece so that’s another country to add to my geographical portfolio!

Seb Grosjean could be called a hybrid developer because he’s a mix of software engineer, property manager and vacation rental user, and he explains how he’s used all that experience to create his property/reservation management software, Booking Sync.

Seb is also a presenter at the upcoming Vacation Rental World Summit where he is going to tell us about the pitfalls, myths, truths and solutions of VR management software.

In our discussion Seb revealed:

• Why not having a robust booking system is risky – even with only one property
• The importance of having your own website
• The key features of a good booking system
• How to choose between system options
• Why tracking customer history is so important
• How channel distribution can impact the time you spend on the customer experience
• That extensible software can give you just what you need and dispense with the rest

There is a free trial period on Booking Sync, and Seb has offered listeners a further 3 months subscription at 50% discount with this discount link.

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