VRS090 - How to Make Your International Guests Feel at Home

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We’ve had friends staying from UK for the past two weeks, and been in long discussion about the differences between the UK and Canada, from driving on the other side of the road, to their expectations of shopping and eating out.

I remember my first trip to the US and being completely thrown by four-way junctions and being able to turn right on a red light. And we very nearly got ticketed for not stopping for a school bus – it’s not required in England!

Then, we recall arriving in Ontario on one of our first trips to find it was a public holiday and there were only gas stations open with minimal provisions. My husband has never forgotten the first night of that vacation – a couple of packets of chips (crisps) and no beer, after an 8-hour flight and a 3-hour drive!

So, from the very early days of our vacation rental business, we’ve been conscious of the need to let our international guests know what to expect.


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We want them to have the smoothest of transitions from the moment they arrive and not run into any unexpected issues. Providing a Guide for International Guests has helped enormously and in this episode I explore some of the things you might want to share with your guests arriving from another country, such as:

• How to avoid fines and tickets – remember that ignorance is not an excuse
• Liquor laws and licensing
• Why it’s important to know the fishing laws
• Where to buy groceries and why we didn’t buy ceviche from roadside stands in Costa Rica
• Bugs and critters and things that go bump in the night
• Explaining the garbage ritual
• Why they need to bring teabags, Marmite and other specifics
• What to expect in case of an emergency

And much more….

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