VRS084 - July Vacation Rental MashUp with Matt Landau

From macerating toilet issues to a visit from an Al Jazeera journalist to the future of the vacation rental industry, Matt and I explore what’s happening in our different parts of the world and within the wider business.

I wanted to know what he thought about the sort of damage issues that can impact owners and at what point the responsibility has to be accepted by guests. We then segued into the nature of our business and the impact that Book It Now (BIN) will have on the future.

Finally we came back to responsibilities – this time of owners, as we talked about a couple of ‘trashed apartment’ issues that have occurred in Canada in the past few months. Is the line between the role of a listing site and a commission based agency blurring?


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As always it’s a great discussion with Matt as he brings his unique perspective on that stuff that affects us all.

Links mentioned in this episode:

The Sharples Curve (Richard Vaughton’s Linkedin post)