VRS069 - What’s Cooking at Your Vacation Rental with Rachel Miller

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Rachel Miller is a food writer, chef and cheese lover who joined me to talk about her experiences of being a vacation rental guest who loves to cook.

I came across Rachel after she wrote a piece for the Phoenix New Times called Tips and Hacks for Baking in Your Vacation Rental. Needless to say I was curious to find out what it was like for a real live ‘foodie’ to stay at a vacation home.

Rachel talks about her experiences and shares a lot of great information that we can take and put immediately into action.


Tweet: Perfect tips from @PistolWhippedP @cottageguru How to stock your #VacationRental kitchen

Who knew that restaurant supply stores would be a great source of more durable and more economic cutting boards, or baking trays?

What about buying your next knives from a specialty knife store?

Or ordering herbs and spices in bulk from a wholesaler?

In this episode Rachel shares:

  • Her views on being a vacation rental guest
  • The equipment every vacation home should have
  • The specific small appliance that needs to be in any kitchen labeled as ‘gourmet’.
  • Why getting a kitchen inventory is helpful
  • Why attention to detail is so important
  • The items she would like to see in a herb and spice collection
  • What she would include in her own vacation home
  • The importance of a sharp knife
  • Why restaurant suppliers are a great resource for kitchen equipment

Links in this episode:

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Where you can find Rachel: