VRS049 - How One Sentence Ignited a Firestorm and Other Highlights from the VRMA Conference 2014

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Just a few years after a ‘Save the VRMA’ campaign was launched and membership had slumped, this year’s VRMA Conference hit a record with over 1000 attendees, and it was great to be there and be immersed in the industry for 3 days.

It’s not inexpensive to attend a conference.  Flights, hotel room, meals and incidental expenses, and the cost of the event itself can add up to a substantial amount, so is it really worth it?

I believe it is, and as Mike and I explore the potential of an independent conference for owners next year, it’s worth discussing the pros and cons of going to a live event; what makes this a huge benefit for your business and why meeting your suppliers face-to-face can help you avoid poor buying decisions.


Listen in to the highlights from #vrma14 with @cottageguru on the #vacationrental success podcast.

This episode addresses the pros and cons of conference attendance and deals in more depth with the real benefits of:

  • Networking
  • Meeting with suppliers face-to-face
  • Meeting with industry experts
  • Education without interruptions

I’m planning on going to at least 4 next year including the Podcast Movement in Fort Worth, VRMA conference in New Orleands and maybe one or two of these – Michael Hyatt's Platform Conference, New Media Expo, Social Media.  There’s also a podcast conference in UK next September….that could be a chance to visit the family!

Of course there are the sponsored events by Home Away and Airbnb which can be fun be a little too focused on the platforms for me.

So this is just a brief glimpse into the VRMA conference – the best bits…..and the worst….and I cover:

  • The highlights of the event particularly the opening Keynote by John di Julius – The Customer Service Revolution.
  • How ‘Secret Service' can drive customer loyalty through creating an emotional connection
  • Why we should not punish 100% of our customers or potential customers for what we are afraid 2% might try to do
  • The importance of collecting customer intelligence -and the FORD method of wowing customers.
  • The value of networking with peers, industry experts and suppliers
  • The three best products in the supplier tent
  • The sentence that brought a 1000 strong audience to stunned silence
  • Breaking away from listing conglomerates – the start of a revolution

Podcast Movement

Platform Conference

New Media Expo


John DiJulius GroupCustomer Service Revolution (great book)

Kirby Winfield – Dwellable

Richard Vaughton – Discovery Holiday Homes

Andrew McConnell – Vacation Futures

Okidokeys– keyless entry

Mobile Guest App from Property Manager Tools

Promotional Items from Whip Smart LLC

The Home Away Community Conversation‘ – That has now been removed!!! (Thanks Jay Williams for Sharing)

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