VRS045 – Managing Multiple Vacation Rental Properties with Oregon Owner Debi Hertert

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Debi’s story of buying, renovating and marketing four separate (and very different) vacation rental properties is motivating and inspiring.

From a career in patient care to a rewarding business in guest care, Debi has used all her skills of understanding the needs of people to create a welcoming environment and it shows in the consistent five star reviews she receives.

In this episode Debi tells us how she began her business in what she calls a haphazard way, marketing on every platform she could find, and how now she does this in a more structured way. For example, Airbnb is a strong market for some, but not all her properties and she explains why Airbnb works better for all but one of them.

Debi is a strong advocate of the Airbnb style of ‘owner centric’ operating and discusses the differences in approach between them and the traditional Home Away/Flipkey listing businesses.

We also explore the value of finding a good housekeeper/property manager and Debi shares a great tip with me that I will be using with my own property manager very soon.

The Oregon Coast is a beautiful part of the country, and Debi shares her knowledge of the area in a variety of ways including having a Vacation Insider Guide created, and exploring using Google Plus to maximize her opportunities to impact visitors.


@Cottageguru interviews Debi Hertert in the #VacationRental Owner Success Series, Owner of

In the episode we discuss

  • How Debi got started with vacation rentals
  • The early days of unstructured marketing
  • How Airbnb has increased her occupancy levels
  • The value of Airbnb’s review system
  • Why it’s important to find a property manager who thinks the same way
  • How she manages supplies at each property
  • How her Vacation Insider Guide got underway
  • Debi’s exploration of Google Plus as an information sharing gateway
  • Her podcast launch plans and topics for interviews

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Where you can find Debi: