VRS032 – Your Vacation Rental Questions Answered with Heather & Mike

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We asked for your questions and we got them! Thank you so much to all who sent us questions about your vacation rental businesses. It was great to hear from you and to learn about different locations and the issues that are on your mind. Keep them coming!

For this episode, we chose two that really resonated with us. The first from John Going of Poplar’s Edge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia got to me because he wanted to know what people coming out from the UK might want to help them feel at home. I resisted saying a jar of Marmite because not all Brits love this weird spread (it’s a love it or hate it thing); instead my suggestion was based on experience at the last two vacation rentals I have stayed at, and a missing item that impacted my visit.


@cottageguru @mikebayer525 of answer your #vacationrental questions in this podcast episode.

John also had a question about what to put in a gift basket which led Mike and I into a discussion on how knowing your target market can offer that answer. It’s all to do with your personas.

We then moved onto the second owner question from a new owner who is just getting ready to go into the rental business. Joie Davidson asked for pointers on furnishing a home for rental. Since I’ve done this six times I came up with my tips and my formula for getting it done quickly and efficiently while keeping to a budget. I sent Joie my furnishing template that helped me keep to budget and ensure I didn’t miss anything – you can check that out too if you click the link below.

It was a wide ranging discussion – here’s some of the things we talked about:

  • How to create a persona to target the people who want to stay in your property?
  • How far should we go to cater to guests from different cultures?
  • The one small appliance every VR owner must have (according to Heather)
  • What chickens, honey and basil can do for your bottom line?
  • Avoiding big box stores and making relationships with independents
  • Why we should budget well for the small stuff
  • The importance of great looking beds and linens

And the links we mentioned:

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Sarah Brubaker from Webchalet

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Does it sell more chickens?

Sango Splash Dinnerware

Hypnotic Language for Vacation Rental Emails and Listings

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