VRS029 - How to Get Paid for your Pad – The Airbnb Experience with Jasper Ribbers

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Just a few years ago, when Airbnb hit the market, it was seen as the platform where you advertised your spare room for a few dollars, and on occasion you could actually have people to stay there when you were on vacation. It seemed to target the ‘couch surfing’ market in urban areas so if you were backpacking in a big city and didn’t want to stay in a hostel, this was a great alternative for just a few bucks more.

Fast forward 6 years and with 600,000 listings worldwide in 34,000 cities Airbnb is a major player in the vacation rental space, yet I rarely hear from anyone who lists with them. In fact, it was only recently when I spoke with Rex Brown of Holiday Rental Mastery that I really got a handle on the value of listing with Airbnb – Rex lists his Melbourne apartment on there with great success. So, when I got an email from Jason Ribbers, AKA ‘The Traveling Dutchman', I was excited to get him on the show, particularly as he is about to launch a book focused on the Airbnb experience.


Get paid for your #vacationrental pad using #airbnb. Listen to this podcast with @cottageguru and @TravelingDutch

Get Paid for Your Pad is a comprehensive guide to Airbnb written from an owner and guest perspective. After all, Jasper is travelling the world staying in places he rents off the platform while his pad in Amsterdam is delivering a good income from all the guests he has booked in there. He has stayed around the world in many different properties so brings what he has learned from his travels to the management of his own apartment. The book offers tips and techniques for both experienced Airbnb hosts and those new to the business. Check it out by downloading a sample chapter from the link below.

We had a great discussion touching on many aspects of Airbnb from their pricing (which makes this a very attractive method of marketing), the review system which allows for reciprocal feedback, and the role of the ‘host’ in an Airbnb lisitng. We covered many topics including the following:

  • The payment model which amounts to 3% to the host to cover credit card payments
  • Steps Jasper takes to make a guest feel welcome
  • How to handle complaints that are both in and out of your control
  • How to go the extra mile to delight guests
  • The power of reviews for building reputation
  • The imortance of telling your story on the About Us page
  • Setting rates and understanding variations in demand
  • Why you should be advertising on Airbnb

Websites mentioned in this episode:

The Traveling Dutchman

Jasper’s video interview with Jesse Krieger of Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Get Paid For Your Pad (download a free chapter)

Stories from the Airbnb Community (Interesting read about hosts and guests)

You can contact Jasper through his website and on Twitter @travelingdutch

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