VRS026 – The Vacation Rental Makeover Edition with Jay William

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I’ve been following Matt Landau’s makeover of Amy Firman’s website with huge interest, as he’s brought in a skilled copywriter to help with text, a professional photographer to take amazing images and Jay William from Villa Marketers to create a stunning website. So, I was delighted to welcome Jay to be my guest on this episode of Vacation Rental Success.

Not only is Jay a master at vacation rental makeovers, he’s going to hit our screens in the near future as the host of a new reality show being launched by a well known Hollywood production company – no names yet, but I think we’ll recognise them when it’s revealed.

I wanted to explore why so many VR owners could benefit from a makeover, and why it’s so important to have a really good website. Jay is passionate about this and he over-delivered in content in this episode right from the start, sharing what it takes to create a site that sells an experience, not the home. In explaining his 12-page website formula, Jay takes us step-by-step through the creation of a website that will make your visitors want to book immediately, and not move onto the competition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you must have a website to supplement your listing
  • Why we are not selling vacation homes…we are selling an experience
  • The magic of a website as a lead generation tool
  • The five second rule (it’s not about the toast we dropped on the kitchen floor)
  • The importance of an About Us page
  • How ‘Jay the Bald Guy’ was able to stand out from the competition
  • What to say to make the sale (and it’s nothing to do with your vacation home)
  • Ways to drive traffic to your competitors and how to stop them leaving
  • Why you must have a blog on your site & what to write about

And lots more……………………….(I did say this was a content-packed episode!)

The web sites and blog posts we talked about:

Top 12 Web Pages

Jay The Bald Guy

Villa Marketers

Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover (Matt Landau)

Las Vegas Villa Rental

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