VRS014 – From Start to Profit with Joel Rasmussen

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In this week’s episode I talk to author, multiple vacation home owner, and activist, Joel Rasmussen.  Joel is President and Founder of the Austin Rental Alliance, one of the largest non-profit association of vacation rentals owners in the U.S.  He’s also author of Vacation Rental Success – Volume 1 – From Start to Profit


I first met Joel at the Home Away Summit in Phoenix in May last year;  sat in on his presentation on regulations in the vacation rental industry and joined him on a panel during another session.  His knowledge of the business and passion for hospitality is impressive and it was a pleasure to listen to what he had to say.  The same can be said for this interview as Joel delivers some great insights into setting up an owners’ alliance, selecting a location for purchasing a property, and why its important to be a guest, as well as being an owner.

More specifically, in this interview you’ll learn:

  • How twelve people nearly took away the rights of a million others
  • Why creating an owner group can be a valuable force in challenging short-term rental restrictions
  • Why the term ‘vacation rentals’ could be outdated in an urban setting
  • How the art of being a host has grown Joel’s business
  • The benefits of creating a philosophy of hospitality
  • The value of being a ‘vicarious local’
  • Why research is so important in a vacation property search
  • Where you should look to find information on your competitors

……And a whole lot more

Sites mentioned in this episode:

Joel’s website

Short Term Rental Advocacy Centre

Austin Rental Alliance

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