VRS013 - Creating Killer Vacation Rental Photos with Tyann Marcink

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Tyann Marcink is one very busy person.  A mom to 3 boys, web designer, vacation rental owner and professional photographer, she balances a lot of activities and still had time to talk with me in episode 13 of The Vacation Rental Success Podcast.

I’m a mediocre photographer and rarely stray from automatic mode on my Canon T3i which is a complete waste of an extremely good camera.

I was scared of it.  There are so many options and functions and I really know nothing very little about photography and how to use a camera.  So, when I read Tyann’s book, Creating Killer Vacation Rental Photos I was surprised that getting a better photo is not that difficult once you have a basic understanding of what the different functions can do.

In our interview Tyann explains very simply and effectively:

  • Why the 12 inches behind the camera are more important than the camera itself
  • The 4 key features you need in your camera equipment
  • What size of lens works best
  • Why you need to ‘go low’ and use a tripod
  • The secrets of staging a kitchen
  • The best time of day to take your pictures (’s not what you think)
  • Why you should avoid using flash
  • How to use different light settings in different situations
  • Why your thumbnail photo is so important
  • How to set light balance to lose the yellow tinge in a bathroom image

This image helps to explain what Tyann was indicating regarding white balance.

Tyann is giving away 3 copies of her book to listeners who comment on this post and let us know what they would like to change about their photographs.

Sites mentioned in the episode:

Tyann’s website –

Tyann's properties – Canyon Retreat & Natures Retreat

HDR Photos – Photomatix

Pinterest – Staging for Vacation Rentals