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Holiday Home Owner Uses Pinterest to Create Site Traffic

lou-messugo I was on Twitter this morning, and came upon an owner who is using Pinterest in a really unique way to showcase her vacation home and drive traffic to the web site and listings for it. I’ve been struggling for a while to see how Pinterest can be used for owners in the best way and Phoebe Thomas seems to have found the secret. Take a look at the Lou Messugo Holiday Home board and you’ll see what I mean.

The images are the first thing to catch the eye and are simple, crisp and clear.  Little is required by way of description since they tell the story by themselves, from little details like the lavender bag, to the wider view of the garden with a simple table laid with breakfast goodies. Overall, the board paints a picture of what visitor can expect to experience during a stay at Lou Messugo.

The key to getting a Pinterest board to work is for people to click on the images and be taken to the originating site. This is why pinning from Google images doesn’t help anyone out. Look at the originating sites for the photographs on this board and they come from the apartment listings on Airbnb, Trip Advisor and the primary web site . Cleverly, the originating site for the image from the guest book is a Facebook page, where there is another link to a further pinboard. This gets better and better!

Has this all been carefully planned or is it purely coincidental it’s been engineered so well. I hope Phoebe comes along and comments on this post to let us all know. In the meantime…kudos to her for a great job.

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