Cottage for Rent But Bring Your Own Pillows & Toilet Paper

for-rent Sometimes I despair of getting the message across, particularly in my part of the world.

Traditionally, cottage rental was simply an alternative to camping – with walls and a roof being the difference, and an inside toilet an absolute luxury. Over the past 5 years, it’s been a slow move to the realisation that ‘renters’ should be respected as ‘guests’, and that the expectations of a vacation rental are rising.  I am still called out to inspect vacation cottages that have not seen a vacuum cleaner for years (if ever) where the owner’s overriding perception of vacationers is “It’s just a cottage, what do they expect?”

So, I wasn’t really surprised this morning, on my daily trawl through rental listings and web sites, to find a cottage advertised with the following limitations:


  • Linens, Towels and Pillows
  • Condiments or cooking oils
  • Paper towel, toilet paper or napkins
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Aluminum foil or plastic wrap
  • Garbage bags
  • Hair dryer or iron
  • Coffee

The biggest shame of this is that it’s a brand new cottage with tremendous scope to create an welcoming space.


I completely agree with you that at least the basics (blankets, pillows, toilet paper and garbage bags etc) should be provided. With so many people looking at vacation homes as a subsitute for a hotel stay the expectations are rapidly changing. Not everyone has the luxury of packing a car full of pillows and blankets to take with them on vacation, especially when flying. I don’t think it’s a requirement to keep the home stocked of disposable items such as toilet paper for the guests entire stay however a starter pack is much appreciated. Looking at the target market of who your renters will be should help dictate what amenties should be added. In addition, as a general rule we find that the more cleaning up supplies, garbage bags and paper towels are left – the tidier the home is left after the guests depart.

    Heather Bayer

    Hi Barb – I completely agree about the cleaning supplies issue. Not providing sufficient supplies makes a great excuse not to clean!

Kendal Cottages

I agree with the above, too!

It’s better – to my mind – to provide the basics and give a good first impression to your guests. If as an owner you are concerned about the additional cost you incur, then add $10 to the rent. It really doesn’t cost a lot to provide these things but does make the world of difference.

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