So, do you work or just do this?

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I just loved this Facebook post and wanted to share it because it illustrates what many of us experience:


I’m not sure what my response would actually be and whether it would be appropriate, but it would be something along the lines of:

“I’m glad you’ve recognized the massive amount of work that goes into running a vacation rental while simultaneously running another business; creating a well balanced home life; feeding my pets, spouse and children ( not necessarily in that order) and managing the myriad small issues that arise each day in a way that creates a perception of seamless perfection. When you call at 11pm to ask how the microwave works because your popcorn is not cooking properly, or email an urgent request to have a lightbulb changed, responding politely is part of the job, so I guess it could be called ‘work’. However, since I have chosen to live in this paradise and create the illusion that managing ‘this’ is an effortless process, I won’t spoil it by telling it like it is. So yes, I just do this and love every minute of it, which is why it looks so easy.”