Grabbing Interest with Great Vacation Rental Photos

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I loved the photo posted by Rebecca Brigolante on her Facebook page recently. It’s not just an outdoor photo but an experience and reminded me how important it is to stage photos to evoke emotions. Her web site at Brigolante Apartments shows a real grasp of how important it is to create images to capture interest.


We’ve been blessed with a last blast of summer here in Ontario. The trees are beginning to change with the reds and orange of the maples giving a hint of what is to come in the next few weeks when full-blown fall will spread across the countryside in a riot of colour. It reminded me to get out and get some great photos for the Flickr albums I’m putting together to promote Osprey Cottage in different seasons.

If you are marketing a cottage or vacation rental throughout the year, it’s important to show images of what it will look like at different times. Because you may have a limited amount of photos on a listing, using Flickr to create additional albums you can link to can be just what you need to show off all your seasonal images.

If you can get your potential guests to imagine what they will experience if they stay at your property, and what they’ll see in the local area, you stand a much greater chance of getting them to hang around on your listing or site and convert them to paying guests.