Free Internet Connectivity For Vacation Rentals

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Yesterday had a WiFi flavor on my Twitter stream as the argument against hotels charging for the service featured in a rant or two. This came at a time I am considering installing a satellite internet system in my rental cottage since there is no wireless or cell signal available for my guests. I’m not going to be charging for connecting to the service but it was interesting to hear how many accommodation providers (including vacation rental owners) still do and the emotion the charges evoke.

Todd Lucier is an outspoken expert in internet marketing for tourism and his powerful video rant is worth a watch,  not only for his perspective on internet charges, but for the social media statistics. It got me thinking about the benefits of installing internet in the cottage despite the cost. My guests could catch a fish off the dock, take a photo of it, then upload it onto Facebook minutes later and be sharing it with all their friends. How cool would that be? I could benefit from free marketing, courtesy of my paying guests. Why would I charge for that?


I posted a question on Twitter about  this and got an immediate positive response with only a few exceptions.  Most vacation rental owners see the huge benefit of providing internet access whether it is through conventional wireless, a satellite connection or with a ‘Stick’.  Some were telling me their location had specifically been chosen because of the internet connectivity it offered.

The overwhelming response was that internet connection has become a ‘must have’ criterion on the majority of travelers wish lists and vacation rental owners could be benefiting from installing it.  It’s convinced me and satellite internet will be installed at Osprey Cottage in the spring.