8 final checks before the vacation rental season starts

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For many of us the high season is already in full swing but I had a few days with vacancies at Osprey Cottage this week so used them to do some final checks and make sure everything is spotless for the next 12 weeks of back-to-back rentals. We’ll be there for changeovers of course, but these can be streamlined by ensuring we start off on the right foot.


Did you vacuum under the beds? Clean the cupboards and drawers? Is the fridge emptied of all half-used condiments?

Do a last check of cleanliness. Take a checklist and go through each room. Does every room stand close inspection which is what they will get, particularly if the weather is bad and your guests have little else to do?

Rainy day stuff

Have you supplied a few things to do on a rainy day?

It’s easy to fill this gap if you haven’t already done so. Paperback books, board games, playing cards, DVD collection, and a rainy-day-ideas book, are all examples of adding value that will be much appreciated by your guests forced inside in bad weather.

Light bulbs

It can be very irritating to relax into bed on your first night at a cottage or vacation rental and find the bedside lamp isn’t working. It only takes a moment when you do a last check of each room, to check every lamp.

Cleaning supplies

Don’t thwart the neat freak by not providing the tools for the job! Check you have all the cleaning supplies needed for your guests to tidy and keep the place clean. Even if you provide an end-of-rental cleaning service, they’ll still want the means to keep it maintained during their vacation.

Paper supplies

Avoid the panic phone calls on the first night by guests who have arrived late and forgotten to bring the essentials. Ensure you have a supply of toilet paper for each bathroom for your guests’ arrival. The same goes for coffee filters and kitchen paper.

Cards & games intact

Back on the rainy day issue…Count the cards and check inside the board game boxes to make sure the pieces are intact. It can be a frustrating experience to plan a family game and then find there are bits of the game missing. It demonstrates a lack of attention to detail.

Fresh batteries in keyless entry systems

Don’t leave it until the keyless entry system fails to replace the batteries. Sod’s Law says this will happen after dark as your guests arrive.

Spare house keys

Make sure your spare key is hidden, but not so well that a guest can’t find it in the dark (when the keyless entry system has failed!)

Do a last check of your cottage guide; leave your welcome letter and gift for your first guests, and feel great you’ve done your best job!