Being Pet Friendly May Bring More Bookings

rocky-isabelle If you are already feeling the pinch with your vacation rental bookings then maybe you should be considering accepting pets.  Our own stats show that over 60% of enquiries this year have been from guests who want to bring their pets on vacation, and the bulk of our current bookings are in pet friendly properties.  This may be because pet owners book early to secure the best properties that will accept their fur friend, or due to a concern over the cost of kennel fees.  Whatever the reason, there's a lot of pet owners about, and if you want to be sure of maximum occupancy, then welcoming them could be your edge in this increasingly competitive market.

Saying yes or no to four legged guests has been a hot topic on the number one vacation rental forum, Lay My Hat, and there are many posts vehemently scoring points on each side. The one that caught my eye recently mirrors my own views and as far as I'm concerned this owner says it all:

I have 3 dogs and a near 2 year old and I can safely say that the dogs do not write on the walls, stairs, TV or furniture with felt pen, make fingerprints all over the windows or hide the TV remote control (or anything else small) somewhere obscure and take the card out of the satellite box. And dogs are generally much cleaner when they eat, food tends to stay in a bowl, whereas that of a toddler ends up anywhere within a 360° 2m radius of the plate.

I've been accepting pets at Osprey Cottage for years and we have never had an issue with a dog. We welcome them with a neat little pet pack that includes a temporary tag; some home made dog biscuits, and a letter that outlines how we expect them to behave.  This does the trick and we rarely have any additional clean up to do. We don't charge extra for them and our pet owner guests are the ones who leave the place the cleanest.  I rest my case!

Scott V

I think this is a good idea because Pets are surely not welcome in traditional hotels and resorts. Vacation goers only option then is to seek a pet friendly Vacation Home!

Good Idea about the pet kit..


Well, I don’t know… I’d be worried about losing bookings from people looking for a specifically pet-free environment, and there are quite a few of those about, too. People with allergies, for example, or people who are simply worried the accommodation might not be as clean as they would wish. I know, I know, LOL, I probably need educating, but I definitely wouldn’t book anywhere that accepted pets.

As a rental home owner, I would be seriously worried about damage and extra cleaning. As usual, I guess there is no one “right” answer. It’s something to think about carefully in the light of your offering, your target market, etc.


Children that write on the walls, stairs and furniture with felt markers are sometimes not being properly supervised by their parents. If these same people also bring a dog to the cottage with them, chances are that it won’t be properly supervised as well. Sometimes allowing pets to stay at the cottage can end up being be more trouble for the cottage owner than it’s worth.


Honestly, I have two cabins that I rent out. And the sad thing is that I would rather rent to guests who bring dogs than kids. Kids seem to do much more damage to our cabins then dogs do.

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