heatherThe idea for Cottage Blogger came about in 2005, about 2 years after Heather Bayer wrote Renting For Profit. Having a published book that was selling well was great, but the business was changing rapidly and so much of what Heather had written, while still relevant,  was being replaced with better methods, and new ideas.  Although the book went into a second edition in 2007, more and more owners –often Renting for Profit readers – were asking for more, and the blog continued to grow with new material, downloads, checklists and lengthier articles.

sailing-picDuring that time Heather was busy buying properties in Ontario, Canada and getting them rented successfully, and developed a formula for purchasing, setting up, marketing and managing each to get it to maximum occupancy in the shortest time.  In 2012 Mike, Heather's son, and his wife Andrea, bought their first cottage on Lake Ontario, and following the formula, created a profitable business too. Mike had been in the background of Cottage Blogger and Renting for Profit for a few years on the technical side, but with all the experience gained from getting Sea Breeze up and running, is now a full partner making this a true mother/son team.  Mike brings a fresh approach from an investor perspective.

How Cottage Blogger has changed

The market continues to change and we intend to keep up with it.  Along with the articles and checklists, we’re adding content in other areas too.

Vacation Rental Success Podcast

Now, you can get your regular dose of Cottage Blogger information through your ear buds while you are in the car, at the gym or out for a walk with the dog.   Bringing you interviews with industry experts and successful owners, every episode is full of tips and helpful information that you can implement straight away.

Vacation Rental For Profit Videos

Sometimes all you have time for is a quick video to give you a new idea .  Head on over to our video collection for some visual tips to help you out.


We use a lot of software, plug-ins, booking systems etc to boost profits in our rental businesses and we share those in the Resources section.  If we haven’t personally used a resource that is mentioned, we’ve talked to people who have and don’t recommend anything unless we feel it is genuinely useful.

As we continue to grow we will keep this page updated with more information and keep you informed of all the upcoming ideas we are implementing in our own properties and the products and courses we are developing for you, our amazing readers.