About Heather & Mike Bayer

Meet Heather Bayer

Heather has been fully immersed in the vacation rental business since buying her first rental cottage in Ontario in 1998, although she had been a property investor for some years before that. At that time she ran her own management training company in UK and directed the marketing and communications division. Before that, she had a flourishing psychotherapy and hypnosis practice……it’s what you might call a diverse career!

One holiday in Ontario changed all that and it was the catalyst for everything that has come since 2000. Seven rental properties; a book (Renting Your Recreational Property For Profit); the Cottage Blogger website, the Vacation Rental Success podcast; leadership of Ontario’s premier management company, and recognition as one of the world’s leading experts on vacation rentals.

In what her family laughingly call her ‘spare time’, Heather is a fitness and outdoor activity enthusiast and can be found running, cycling and swimming - always prepping for the next triathlon, which may or may not happen this year.

Meet Mike Bayer

Mike emigrated to Canada back in 2002 to help manage Heather's cottages. Seeing the need for professional property management in the area Mike built a company managing over 40 properties for owners and agencies in the Haliburton Highlands vacation region of Ontario. After meeting his wife to be, Mikes path took a detour into the world of emergency services where Mike has now been a firefighter since 2003.

After selling the management business and moving closer to the city it was time for the young couple to invest in their first property. Mike had been working for Heather as an account manager for her rental management agency and had seen the value in buying to rent.

After a major renovation by the TV show 'Income Property' and several highly profitable years of rental, Mike and Andrea are on the hunt for their next investment.

Mikes passion centres around family, the outdoors and online entrepreneurship. He hopes to combine all these with a multi-year sailing adventure with the whole family to circumnavigate the world. 'Adventure is out there'!

3 Ways We Help You Be Successful

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    Vacation Rental Action Plans

    The VRF Action Plans (membership required) are the absolute best way for you to learn some of the best tips and techniques from the experts. This is actionable content that requires you to follow along and make the changes in your own business. Success guaranteed.

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    Vacation Rental Success Podcast

    Now, you can get your regular dose of Vacation Rental information through your ear buds while you are in the car, at the gym or out for a walk with the dog. Bringing you interviews with industry experts and successful owners, every episode is full of tips and helpful information that you can implement straight away. Visit the Podcast page to access the latest episodes.

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    Case Studies

    We have coached hundreds of vacation rental owners and this has provided us with an incredible bank of experience for what works and what does not.
    Case Studies are a great way for us to show you how other owners and managers have stepped up their vacation rental businesses and had massive success. We show you the steps they took and how you can implement this in your business.