10 Small Appliances for a Well Equipped Kitchen

kitchen_appliances_lgA well-equipped kitchen will encourage returning guests and may inspire some great testimonials and reviews so ensure your property is ‘fully loaded'. This means supplying a good variety of small appliances and cooking aids. Here's my top 10 list….

    1. Coffee Maker – don't go for the cheapest and if you buy a spare jug at the same time, you'll have a spare in case of breakage. A top range model with a grinder will really please renter.
    2. 4-Slice Toaster – I like the ones that take bagels as well.
    3. Electric Kettle – I am British and couldn't be without my cup of tea in the morning, so this is high priority for me.
    4. Food Processor – I'm getting one for next year as it was asked for several times this past summer. I had a hand mixer but I guess there are some vacation cooks out there who use their downtime to practice their culinary skills.
    5. Slow Cooker – nice to supply if you are renting in the winter.
    6. Panini Maker– I got one of these in Canadian Tire recently and love it, so my guests are getting one too (I think I'm beginning to sound like Oprah!!).
    7. Electric Fry Pan – This is another ‘nice to have' appliance — useful for couples and small groups.
    8. Toaster Oven – Not sure about this one as we haven't a great deal of space but may think about it as I like mine at home and use it a lot. It does need a lot of cleaning though.
    9. Bread Machine – We have occasionally been asked for one of these, but I don't think I'd buy it unless there was a really good deal. I know of some cottages where it is a real hit.
    10. Electric Whisk – The waffels or pancakes that are normally not included in the home diet are sure to be in while on vacation. A hand whisk is fine but the electric puts it over the top.


Have I missed anything? Do you supply any other small appliances I haven’t mentioned?

Mr.Coffee Makers

Choose only a good coffeemaker. The best rated by CR reached the 195 degrees to 205 degrees F required to get the best from the beans and avoid a weak or bitter brew. A top Michael Graves automatic coffee maker model costs just $40.

Mr.Coffee Makers’s last blog post..Saeco Renaissance XX Automatic Drip Coffee Makers


Like the article says I would get a good one. However, I would not go overboard in term of features. I got a coffeemaker that grind the beans and has lots of other features. But we would get several calls on how to use it. So we replaced it with good one that has a on and off switch. Haven’t received a call since it was replaced.

Ben Towny

I’ll be moving in to a new apartment and this list you shared will help me a lot on deciding what appliances I need to put in my new kitchen. Coffee maker is also in my top list because I need something to boost my energy every morning! Thanks for sharing.

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