VRS335 – In The Vacation Rental Trenches with Lance & Elaine Stitcher of Seaside Vacations

For most property managers these unprecedented times have forced us into territory we’ve not encountered before.  Rapidly changing scenarios; cancellations; policy reviews and government edicts are just a few of the situations we’re dealing with.  We have to be proactive, creative, and above all, optimistic if we want to come out the other side with an intact business.

In this new series, property managers talk about how they are handling what’s coming at them and offer tips and suggestions to help others survive.

Lance & Elaine Stitcher ‘live, work and play’ in their area of Chincoteague and Ocean City and bring a massive enthusiasm to the company they founded a mere 5 years ago that has grown to over 130 short and long-term rentals.

Like all of us, they have experienced a slew of cancellations and refund requests, and are working diligently to connect with guests and owners alike to keep them updated and informed.  In this episode, we hear how the importance of these relationships is helping the company maintain a high degree of visibility, building trust, and confidence.  Lance and Elaine share how they are using social media to build on those connections.

You’ll also hear about the book I’m currently reading that is helping guide my own path through this crisis.

Seaside Vacations

The Obstacle is the Way