VRS272 – Investing in Short-Term Rental Property with Erica Muller of Vrolio

Today’s guest has been a realtor for 16 years in the Orlando area. She’s one of a few real estate agents who really understand the vacation rental business and the challenges involved in selling a short-term rental.

Earlier this year the vacation rental real estate listing site, Vrolio, was given a soft launch. The listing, investing & networking portal services the entry and exit point for owners and investors and allows everyone in between the process to connect and network. This means that if you are either investing in VR real estate or planning an exit strategy, there will finally be the means to find the perfect investment, or list a VR business for sale to a focused audience.

In an earlier episode Erica talked about selling a vacation home – this time we discuss the investment process from deciding on a location to doing the due diligence that will uncover any legal issues.

Don’t forget to go to Vrolio and join the conversation – the only one that really gets to the heart of vacation rental investment.

Erica shares:

  • The importance of research
  • Why inbound traveler statistics can deliver sound
  • Sources of information on profitable locations
  • How niche locations can deliver high occupancy levels
  • Why Orlando isn’t saturated even with thousands of active STRs
  • What to look for in an urban location
  • The reasons to use a Certified Vacation Rental Agent

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