VRS429 - The New Approach to Meeting Guest Expectations with Jeremy Gall of Breezeway

Guest expectations have given rise to changes in standards over the past decade and few people understand this more than Jeremiah Gall, the founder of Flipkey and subsequently, the operations platform Breezeway.

In talking about the wants and needs of today’s guest, Gall said in a post on the Breezeway blog

“These are not the guests of yesteryear who happily brought their own sheets and toiletries for the week. Rather, these guests view vacation rentals as interchangeable with hotels, and have high expectations for what the property looks like, its level of cleanliness, and the amenities included. Similarly, guests expect concierge service and speedy resolution for any issues that occur. Success is meeting this growing operational burden and effectively communicating a high level of service to guests and owners.”

Jeremiah brings his thoughts on those changes in the industry and what they mean for us today, and in particular how the pandemic has impacted those expectations.

In this episode he shares:

  • His history in the vacation rental space and what inspired his platform start-ups
  • How guest expectations are based on experience of other accommodation options & what they tell us
  • What owners and managers must do to meet those expectations
  • The impact of COVID-19 on standard setting
  • Changes in guest communication – the how, when and where of keeping in touch
  • How to maintain a personal approach while automating operations efficiently
  • What Breezeway can offer to streamline operations in a effective workflow


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