VRS455 – Building an Email List Pt 2 – Creating Content – with Jodi Bourne

This is the 2nd part of our 3-part series on Building an Email List and Jodi Bourne once again shares her outstanding knowledge of digital market in the short-term rental business.

Getting people to join an email list is just the first step, and this episode focuses on the types of content you will need to create to keep people on there, once they have parted with their email address.

Jodi talks about four types of content that drive increased interest in your business:  the welcome series; newsletters; a sales sequence and special offers, and a re-engagement series.

Jodi shares:

  • Why you must have an automated series of emails to follow up a subscribe request
  • Why the timing of the first email is critical
  • What you can talk about in the series
  • The simple nature of email newsletters and why they are important
  • What an email automation platform can offer
  • The points that should go in every newsletter
  • The importance of consistent calls to action (CTAs)
  • Why and when you should remove people from your email list
  • How quality wins over quantity every time

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