VRS420 – VRWS Review & Self Hypnosis for Just About Anything

The opening keynote at the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit, delivered by Amber Hurdle, talked about creating confident, compassionate and influential leadership.  Compared to so many other conferences we’ve all attended, the kick off to the Summit was different, and much needed.  Many sessions focused on soft skills, personal development and self-management – the things every business professional needs but are given less focus when we all get together.

Listening to a podcast recently by my mentor, Cliff Ravenscraft, I was inspired to talk about the session I presented on self-hypnosis, which is a tool anyone can use to effect changes in ourselves for just about anything.

It was a far stretch from previous seminars I’ve given on topics ranging from content creation to owner acquisitions and guest communication strategies.  This time the content covered how limiting beliefs impact our behaviour, where your point of power lies and that hypnosis is not magic or scary…just a great resource to use anytime (and at no cost!)

A forty minute presentation is a short time to share what I took years to learn, but the basics were there for anyone to follow up and research, and attendees took part in a couple of demonstrations of simple techniques and exercises.

In this episode I share the highlights of the session, together with a review of the VRWS, gratitude to Amy Hinote and her team for creating an outstanding event, and a call out to everyone in the business to thank all the sponsors of every conference for the support they give our businesses.

You’ll hear about:

  • Your point of power and how to use it
  • How beliefs limit our success potential
  • How we are all our own hypnotists
  • Ways of inducing a hypnotic trance
  • Deepening and imagery
  • The keys to creating powerful post hypnotic suggestions
  • The point of power exercise
  • Using the natural hypnosis exercise

Links mentioned:

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The Bombshell Business Woman – Amber Hurdle

Cliff Ravenscraft – 10-Step Formula for How to Achieve Any Goal (podcast episode)