VRS382 – Creating Property Management Software From The Ground Up with Na’ím Anís Paymán of Zeevou

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Building a new property management system isn’t an easy task. 

Every property manager has a list of what is important to them and they want their PMS to tick all the boxes. 

So when Na’im Anis Payman was growing his own PM company he decided to develop his own system that would meet his unique needs as well as satisfying those of his future clients. 

And so, Zeevou was born.

In its short life the software (and the marketing) has clearly got the attention of the movers and shakers in the industry as he has won a Keystone Award for Best Software for hosts and small managers; a Shortyz Award in 2020, and has just been nominated for a Shortyz for this year too.

The innovators entering the short-term rental business right now are changing the way we do things and creating new and exciting products that meet exacting demands. 

Na’im explains the challenges of meeting the needs of all his clients and helps us understand the world of property management software from the creator’s perspective.

In this episode, we hear the developer’s side of the story as Na’im shares

  • How his experience of being a property manager drove him to create his own PMS
  • What it takes for property management software to meet the needs of its users? 
  • How he prioritizes their wish-lists
  • Why he meets with his clients in a monthly forum and hears what they want
  • Whether there’s a model that every system should emulate? 
  • The reasons property management software needs to work for direct bookings


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