VRS230 – 13 Takeaways from A Sense Of Place With Matt Landau

If you haven’t yet seen A Sense Of Place, now is the time to binge-watch.

It’s been a labor of love for Matt Landau as he and his film crew traveled to Spain, Italy, Kauai, Mexico and across the United States, in search of hosts and owners who go beyond the ordinary and bring a range of experiences to their guests.

The show, which is available to watch on Youtube, is a travelogue for guests who might be thinking about locations to visit and perhaps are undecided about the type of accommodation they would choose. Each episode brings them the appeal of different types of vacation rental and is a great window into our world for those who may not have experienced it before.

There’s also a huge amount for owners to learn. Every episode packs nuggets of information that anyone can apply to their own vacation rental business and in this interview Matt shares at least one takeaway from each one. He mentions:

  1. CJ Stamm from Georgia who inspired me to think about starting a property managers association.
  2. Amy & Linda from Kauai who sits down with their staff every week to created specific experiences for their guests.
  3. Paul and Brady from San Diego who weaves the personality of their owners into each guest experience.
  4. Bob and Ian from Le Marche in Italy and the subtle way they convert their guests to contributors to their Treedom project.
  5. Henrietta Kiss from Rome who gives departing guests a gift that is more than a parting gesture.
  6. John Oden, the Nashville owner who cultivates raving fans and repeat guests in personalized ways.
  7. Deborah Haddock from Guardea in Italy who imparts the importance of passion in the business.
  8. Kelly and Frank from Mexico and the power of offering in-home services.
  9. Nancy from Anna Maria Island who shares the power of persistence in forming great relationships with local business providers.
  10. Jim and Jennifer from Carolina Beach and the role they play in their professional community\.
  11. Borja Rodriguez from Marbella in Spain on how he brings the skills from a previous profession to bear in his current VR business.
  12. Damien from Barcelona on regulations and understanding both side of the conversations.
  13. And….Derek from Seattle whose approach to regulations and legislation is a model for the rest of us.

All of these episodes of A Sense of Place can be found here.