VRS190 – The Vacation Rental Adventures of Travelling Matt Landau – Part Two

Part 2 of the Adventures of Travelling Matt (Landau) takes us to Italy, and Matt’s journey to Rome, the Umbrian town of Guardea and Le Marche in the eastern Italian region of Ancona.

Matt’s telling of the trip takes us to out of the way places and shares his experiences of visiting a renowned silversmith’s workshop, taking a Vespa tour, playing with a local soccer team where he nearly flattened the 70 yr old linesman with an errant kick, and meeting an medley of amazing people along the way.

From Henrietta Kiss, the Hungarian-born owner of Treasure Rome, to Bob and Ian, proprietors of a beautifully restored farmhouse and Debra Haddock whose vacation rental challenges we all share, Matt’s essays draw us into the unique, yet familiar arena of our business, with a European flair.

Throughout the episode, Matt reflects on the similarities that vacation rental owners across the world share and demonstrates how personality, commitment and the drive towards hospitality can make an owner (and a property) stand out.

And just some of the things Matt talks about…

  • How personal passions are the conduit to creating memorable travel experiences for guests
  • The network of locals that create a win-win for guests and the community
  • Why regular discipline of the business needs to be offset by having fun and enjoying life to the full
  • How a host’s personality plays a major role in the success of a business
  • Cultural immersion on steroids while playing with the local soccer team
  • How an entrance to a vacation rental can have a huge impression
  • The magic he experienced with the artisan who made a fisherman’s ring for the Pope.
  • Espresso, chocolate covered hazelnuts, focaccia and plenty of gelato!

And so much more, as Matt reads from some of his wonderful essays on the trip.

Links mentioned in this episode

Treasure Rome – Henrietta Kiss

Casai Dei Fichi – Bob and Ian

Casale Pratto Del Coccinelle – Debra Haddock

Bob Garner

It was an honour to be featured as part of this week’s episode. Matt’s tour was a marathon of experiences and we were so pleased to play our small part. Look forward to hearing more as he sets off again soon for part three!

Terry Whyte

Enjoyed listening and thank you for sharing.


Yep, it was “Fraggle Rock” and Uncle Traveling Matt!!! (Heather, you and I were on the same page with that one.)


Truffle hunting….jealous!

    Bob Garner

    Yes you have to try it one day Dawn – fabulous!

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